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Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printing in Orange County

What is Digital Light Processing?

In Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D Printing, the photopolymer resin, which is the material used in this type of 3D printing, is cured to produce the desired object. A DLP 3D Printer uses ultraviolet (UV) light to solidify the photopolymer resin. The digital light projector screen in a DLP 3D printer projects the UV light and flashes a single image of the layer of the 3D model at once. Since all points of the layer can be cured simultaneously, DLP 3D printers offer excellent speed.
The key features of DLP 3D printing are as follows :

  • DLP 3D printing is perfect for producing non-functional prototypes.
  • DLP 3D printing is the ideal option if the product’s finest details have to be present in the printed products. For, example if the final product is highly detailed artwork, DLP 3D printing is a fantastic option. It is due to the high resolution of these printers.
The following industries utilize DLP 3D printing extensively.

Our DLP 3D Printing Service

The high speed and accuracy of our 3d DLP printers make them ideal for high-volume production in minimal time. However, it is not all about dental and clinical environments; Indeed, our DLP printers’ highly uniform consistency makes them ideal for industry-level production from glasses frames to jewelry patterns.

  • Modeling
  • Printing
  • Post Processing
The input of a 3D DLP printer is a design of the desired object with its required specifications. The design is created using computer-aided design (CAD) software and subsequently is translated into a language that the 3D DLP printer can understand and print.
Once the 3D model is uploaded to the 3D DLP printer, the digital light processor flashes each layer’s image. The flashed images are also guided to the transparent printer’s vat bottom. This procedure’s result is the solidification of the layers one by one and is repeated until the whole object is made.
When the printed parts are out of the 3D DLP printer, they get cleaned and exposed to UV light for a certain amount of time. The purpose of this is to ensure that the parts are correctly cured and are ready to use.