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3D Printing for the Manufacturing industry
in Orange County

How 3D Printing Has Evolved the Manufacturing Industry?

3D printing has improved the manufacturing industry’s efficiency in some areas. For example, one-off prototypes can be produced in a matter of hours with a total turnaround time as short as a day. Amazingly it is not all about prototyping. Indeed thanks to the availability of various 3D printing materials with the desired properties, workable and sellable parts can also be produced using this technology.

Advantages of 3D Printing in Manufacturing Industry

3D printing offers advantages over traditional manufacturing methods in the following ways:
  • Better quality prototypes will be available at lower costs in a shorter time.
  • More design flexibility makes it possible to achieve physical aspects that are impossible to accomplish using traditional manufacturing methods.
  • Reduced waste as 3D printing uses only the material required to create the part.

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