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3D Printing for Toy & Game Industry
in Orange County

How 3D Printing Has Evolved the Toy & Game Industry?

As plastic is the main component used in toy production, 3D printing has quickly proven to be an excellent product design and development solution for toy and game manufacturers nowadays. Indeed, the ability of 3D printing to easily produce models, figurines and plastic electronic casings has opened new doors to the industry. Manufacturers can employ the technology to develop many unique parts used in gaming accessories and toys for children.

How 3D Printing Benefits the Toy & Game Industry?

3D Printing benefits the toy & game industries in many ways, including:

  • Samples can be produced in no time, and the 3D printer prototype toys can be tested for functionality and safety. If there is any need for design improvisation, 3D printing can incorporate it quickly and easily.
  • 3D printed prototype toys can easily help determine the cost of the required material and process to develop the toy. So, manufacturers can play with the design to enhance cost-effectiveness in the mass production stage.
  • Since the revision process is more straightforward, any change that needs to be implemented to satisfy the potential buyers or distributors can be incorporated before mass production.

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