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3D Printing for Jewelry Industry
in Orange County

How Has 3D-Printed Jewelry Production transformed the Industry?

3D printing technology has opened new possibilities in designing and producing jewelry pieces and new customization options for customers. Thanks to this technology, there is no more need to hand-carve the pattern out of wax. Indeed the material used in jewelry 3D printing can be molded as a regular wax, so making the master model has become easier than ever before.

3D printers have also made it possible to form tiny elements which are near to impossible to achieve manually. For example, reaching layer thickness as little as 0.025mm is not a problem for advanced 3D printers.

How 3D Printing Benefits the Industry?

Jewelry businesses that use high precision 3D printing technology make their companies more profitable in many ways, including:

  • Offering personalization options for their customers, making it possible to create unique designs.
  • Enjoying a faster track from design to production while keeping new design freedom in hand.
  • Offering jewelry pieces made from innovative 3D materials like resin and plastic that are strong, robust, and resistant to scratching.

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