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Through Our Additive Manufacturing Capabilities, We Serve Our Clients from Any Industry

We are a family business based in Orange County that is determined to satisfy functional parts’ demands from just any industry. Whether it is a prosthetic part used in the medical industry or custom earpieces used in the audiology industry, we will provide you with quality components. We also offer our customers their desired consumer goods.

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Why Is ShapeSourced 3D Printing Your Perfect Option for production?

No matter how geometrically complex the product will be, we at SourceShaped will get it for you in the shortest time possible. All you need to do is to provide us with your computer-aided design (CAD) file.. Due to our printing materials’ isotropic mechanical properties, we can provide you with both prototypes and functional parts.

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Meet Our Professional Team


Diana Cortes

Customer Service and support

Oscar Cortes Sr.


Ali Entezari

Sales manager
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What Our Client’s Say’s


Highly recommended as they provide a fast and quality service. People at ShapeSourced are very friendly and listen to you; they make sure that all your expectations are fulfilled.

Louis Kelly

Shapesourced provides you with quick feedback on your initial inquiry. If you look for a reliable 3D printing service with a fast turnaround, I highly recommend ShapeSoureced.

Emely magdalena

We have received the jewelry pieces, and they are great. Thank you for taking the time and effort to get this right for us. If the results in your industry also have to be highly detailed, ShapeSourced is your best supplier.

Graham Palmer

Perfect Solutions for Any Industries

Our 3D printing capabilities make your business more agile by providing you with customized products on demand.


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