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How Dental 3D Printing Has Transformed the Industry?

Dental 3D Printing has emerged as the ideal fit for the industry in many ways. If it is for oral and maxillofacial surgery, the dentist can print the models of the patient’s mouth, which guides him during the surgery. In the field of prosthodontics, 3D printers can provide the dentist with artificial teeth and prostheses. In orthodontics, dental 3D printing can manufacture dental models and clear aligners to reposition the teeth. In endodontics, 3D printers can produce surgical guides for a root canal treatment.

How Medical 3D Printing Has Transformed the Industry?

Medical 3D printing has revolutionized the healthcare industry in recent years. From prosthetics customized to suit and fit the wearer to surgical instruments can be produced using this technology. The contributions of the 3D printing technology to the medical field are not limited to just mentioned points. Medical 3D printing can create patient-specific replicas that surgeons who want to perform complicated operations can practice.

How Has 3D-Printed Jewelry Production transformed the Industry?

3D printing technology has opened new possibilities in designing and producing jewelry pieces and new customization options for customers. Thanks to this technology, there is no more need to hand-carve the pattern out of wax. Indeed the material used in jewelry 3D printing can be molded as a regular wax, so making the master model has become easier than ever before. 3D printers have also made it possible to form tiny elements which are near to impossible to achieve manually. For example, reaching layer thickness as little as 0.025mm is not a problem for advanced 3D printers.

How Has 3D Printing Transformed the Audiology Industry?

3D Printing has revolutionized the audiology industry in recent years. From shells for the custom in-the-ear hearing aids to custom earpieces for behind-the-ear and receiver-in-canal hearing aids can be mass-produced at low cost by this technology. So, patients can get their customized hearing aids in a very brief time at an affordable price. It is also worth mentioning that all these parts used in the production of hearing aids are biocompatible.

3D Printing for the Manufacturing industry in Orange County

3D printing has improved the manufacturing industry’s efficiency in some areas. For example, one-off prototypes can be produced in a matter of hours with a total turnaround time as short as a day. Amazingly it is not all about prototyping. Indeed thanks to the availability of various 3D printing materials with the desired properties, workable and sellable parts can also be produced using this technology.

How 3D Printing Has Evolved the Toy & Game Industry?

As plastic is the main component used in toy production, 3D printing has quickly proven to be an excellent product design and development solution for toy and game manufacturers nowadays. Indeed, the ability of 3D printing to easily produce models, figurines and plastic electronic casings has opened new doors to the industry. Manufacturers can employ the technology to develop many unique parts used in gaming accessories and toys for children.

How has 3D Printing Revolutionized Various Branches of Engineering?

Be it mechanical engineering or electronic engineering, 3D Printing has dramatically impacted all stages of product development. Concept exploration, prototyping, pre-production, and production have become more efficient and effective thanks to this technology. With 3D printing, the design doesn’t have to end when production starts. Indeed, continuous improvement of the product at all stages is possible.

How Can 3D Printing Help the Students? Get A Quote

3D Printing technology can make learning in the classroom much more fun yet practical. For example: History students can examine the 3D-printed historical artifacts. Graphic design students can print out 3D versions of their artworks. 3D-printed topography, demographic or population map can be used by geography students. Chemistry students can use 3D-printed models of molecules. Biology students can use 3D-printed biological artifacts such as cells, viruses, and organs. Math students can use 3D-printed models of problems.


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