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We Use 3D Printing to Transform Manufacturing in Different Industries

Why Use Additive Manufacturing?

Whether it is prototyping or production, 3D printing makes it more efficient. Read More hyperlink jumps to the bottom→ Why Use Additive Manufacturing.

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Technologies & Materials

We use selective laser sintering (SLS) and digital light processing 3D printing. Read More hyperlink jumps to the bottom→ Technologies & Materials.

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The parts and components produced by us are used in a variety of industries. Read More hyperlink jumps to the bottom → Applications. 

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“3D printing these parts delivered an immediate weight savings benefit. Additionally, the lower part count translated into cost savings on the administrative side including inspection, purchasing, and product support.

“Subsequent change incorporation is also much faster and less expensive given that there are no permanent tooling expenses, or tools to be maintained or modified.”

– Dinesh Sharma, Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.

Why Use Additive Manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing or 3D printing makes industrial parts in a more efficient way than traditional machining, molding, and milling. This efficiency is evident in lower manufacturing costs, faster production, lighter final products, and the ability to develop complex designs that otherwise would be too difficult to build using traditional methods.

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Technologies & Materials

At ShapeSourced, we use selective laser sintering and digital light processing technologies to produce functional and highly detailed industrial parts on demand.

Our SLS printers’ main material is called nylon 12 powder, which features high mechanical strength and chemical and temperature resistance. Our DLP printers’ principal material is photopolymer resin which comes in different colors, exhibiting different physical properties and corresponding to specific uses.


Our 3D printing technology can produce parts and structures on demand for the following industries :

  • Medical & Dental. Examples include joint models, surgical anatomical models, dental models.
  • Automotive. Examples include dashboard parts and interior components. 
  • Consumer Products. Examples include jewelry patterns, packaging prototypes, and sporting goods.

If you have any inquiries regarding the possibility of producing your required parts using 3D printing, please contact us.